Recommended Reading

Many clients find that the experience of psychotherapy can be enhanced by reading materials pertinent to the issues they are dealing with in their personal therapy.  I have compiled a list of books that some people have found to be helpful adjuncts to their therapy.  This is by no means a complete list and I encourage clients to send me the names of books or articles that they have found to be particularly illuminating or clarifying of different psychological issues.

General Interest Articles

Self-Help & Psychotherapy Books

Mood & Anxiety Disorders

Personality Disorders: Assessment & Treatment

Substance Abuse & Addictions

Effects of Difficult Childhoods: Abuse & Neglect

Dealing with Difficult and/or Dangerous People & Relationships

Eating Disorders

Family Support


Interesting Web Articles

Helpful Websites

Substance Abuse & Mental Health Administration:


National Alliance on Mental Illness:


12 Step Program Website:


Schema Therapy:


DBT Self-Help:


Eating Disorders Support: