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Prior to 2012, I was living and working in Austin, Texas, and had a private practice where I  provided psychotherapy, psychological testing and assessment, and conducted forensic psychological evaluations.  Since relocating to Albuquerque, I continue to provide the same range of services here.  I have extensive training in both the assessment and treatment of some of the more difficult psychological disorders: addictions; eating disorders; personality disorders; substance abuse.  When indicated, I provide evaluation and psychological testing for persons who are not progressing as expected in their lives or their psychotherapy in order to provide the individual or concerned family members with a psychological portrait of the individual that may suggest new directions for more effective treatment.  In addition to my clinical practice, I have a forensic evaluation practice where I conduct pre-trial evaluations in criminal cases, conduct fitness-for-duty assessments, and provide consutation to attorneys regarding the mental health issues confronting their clients.  Finally, as an outgrowth of my continued work with clients residing in Texas, I have developed a specialty in providing internet therapy to appropriate persons from both states.


As a clinical psychologist, I offer a range of services including psychotherapy, assessment, and evaluation for the Courts.  For more information, click here.