Psychological Services:

Since beginning a private practice in 1993, I have been part of a group of individual mental health providers who have shared space and provided consultation to one another.  I recently relocated from Austin to Albuquerque and currently office with three other mental health providers.  My areas of specialty include some of the more tenacious and difficult-to-treat disorders: personality disorders; eating and substance abuse disorders; self-injury behaviors; adolescent behavior problems; and young adults who are experiencing a "failure to launch" into adulthood.  My clinical orientation integrates ideas and interventions from psychodynamic perspectives (particularly self psychology and attachment theory), interpersonal psychology, cognitive-behavioral therapies (including Dialectical Behavior Therapy - DBT), and family systems theory.  My style is active and engaged, using interpretation, confrontation, and education.  If you are not sure whether psychotherapy could be helpful to you, there are a number of self-tests that you might find useful.

Psychological Services Offered:


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