Is There an App for That?

Yoga Studio: Many people find doing yoga helps with tension relief, increases flexibility, reduces pain & increases body awareness.  This app offers 65 ready made yoga classes ranging from beginner to advanced and lasting anywere from 15 to 60 minutes.  So if you have a yoga mat but no time or inclination to attend classes, this could be the app for you.  Available at the Apple App Store for $2.99.


Pacifica: This app helps the user track their moods and the thoughts and activities related particular moods.  It is free (unless you want to get special content or access to private journal) and will also send the user questions about their mood at the end of the day.  It is based on cognitive behavior and lets the user right out his/her thoughts and then examine them for any negative or inaccurate beliefs.  This is a good app for anyone who would like to better understand the events and thought patterns that affect mood states. Free (with possible paid upgrades) Apple App Store.


Calm: Meditation, Relaxation &  Mindfulness: This app offers a variety of guided relaxation/meditation programs from a 3-minute relaxation session focused on the breath to 50 different daily meditation session designed to help with sleep, anxiety and to increase internal calm.  The app is free but the meditation bundles require a subscription ranging from $9.99/month to $3.33 month for an annual subscription.  Available at App Store.


Relax Melodies Premium: Featured in Amazon's Top Best Apps.  User selects sounds & melodies they like and combine them to create a mix to listen to, enjoy & help with falling asleep. 


Sleep with Me: This may be my favorite podcast of all time: it is like bedtime stories for adults that are just interesting enough to help you forget your problems, but boring enough to put you to sleep.  I have NEVER been able to listen to the entire podcast without falling asleep.  Available for FREE from the iTunes store.   You can subscribe on your phone or tablet and new episodes will be downloaded automatically.  This is truly an amazing podcast and doesn't use guided imagery or relaxing sounds to put you to sleep: just silly boring bedtime stories.  So put on your headphones and drift into sleep.