Parent-Child Conflict

One of the most common reasons that a family seeks professional help is that family members, particularly parents and children/ adolescents, find themselves in regular, unresolved conflict.  No one in the family may be suffering from a psychiatric disorder, yet the family may find itself in turmoil and unable to enjoy each other's company.  Many of these conflicts are developmental in nature: the child or the adolescent wants to do things "his/her way" and this runs counter to the desires of the parents.  Sometimes these conflicts require that the family engage in therapy with a psychologist or other counselor; other times, parent coaching can help the parents find a way to set reasonable rules and boundaries with their kids without having to engage in daily battles.  These perpetual battles can result in exhaustion, frustration, and with the parent feeling helpless and ineffective.  The end result may be that the relationship between parent and child breaks down with both parties feeling mistreated and misunderstood.  If this describes your relationship with your child, then parent coaching may be helpful to get both the relationship and the family back on track.