Eating Disorders & Other Substance Abuse

Since the beginning of my training as a psychologist, I have worked with clients who are struggling with eating issues (compulsive over-eating, compulsive dieting, and bulimia) as well as those trying to overcome substance abuse (drugs and alcohol) and other addictions (particularly addiction to unhealthy relationships).  After completing year-long rotations in the Chemical Dependence and Eating Disorder Outpatient  Programs at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago, I conducted my dissertation research in these areas, studying the interpersonal patterns of interaction in the families of adolescents and young adults with addictions.  Additionally, I have experience in Motivational Interviewing (a method of helping an individual determine whether one of their behaviors (e.g. alcohol use) is causing them significant problems or not.  I understand the pain and devastation that these issues can cause in the lives of both the client and their loved ones, and I have successfully treated numerous patients with these problems over the years. 


If you think that you or someone you love is experiencing negative consequences as a result of an eating disorder, drug or alcohol abuse, or repeated involvement with harmful relationships, feel free to contact me and we can discuss the options for treatment.