Persons in Litigation

Whether you are in the midst of a divorce, awaiting trial for criminal charges or are the object of a law suit, any kind of legal conflict is highly stressful and requires that the person be able to remain calm and withstand significant emotional distress.  Many therapists are reluctant to take on clients who have pending legal charges or who may be going to Court over custody or visitation for fear that they may be called to testify or may have their records subpoenaed.  My experience providing evaluations for the Courts has allowed me to see the effect of legal proceedings on the emotional health of those involved.  Additionally, this experience has also allowed me to be comfortable working collaboratively with attorneys, providing consultation when indicated, and helping their clients get prepared for their day in Court.  I have a special interest in helping people through this process and believe that my experience as a forensic evaluator has given me particular insight into the needs of this population.  In addition to providing psychotherapy to people during legal proceedings, I also conduct psychological evaluations if indicated in order to better help their attorney help them.