Areas of Expertise & Special Interest

Although I enjoy seeing clients from diverse backgrounds and with a wide spectrum of difficulties, I particularly enjoy working with people who have tried therapy in the past, but for whom the process did not work effectively.   In these situations, my goal is to determine why the previous therapy was ineffective & to work with the client to find an alternate path that will have better results.  This may also involve an exploration of internal factors that impede the desired growth: fears of both change and failure; an unconscious need to stay in the "patient" role; fear of losing important connections if the client becomes more functional and is feeling better about her/himself; and a deep-rooted despair that life can actually be more satisfying.  When a client has had multiple attempts at therapy yet has not been satisfied with the results, I will ask them to engage with me in an exploration to discover what needs to happen this time to make significant change that will last over time.  On occasion, this may involve deciding together upon a Therapeutic Evaluation which may help home in on the previously missed factors that are obstacles to recovery.


I also have expertise in working in psychotherapy with Self-Disorders, people who are in crisis due to impending legal actions, people who have apparently intractable mood or personality disorders, and young adults who seem to have gotten stuck somewhere in the maturational process and could be described as manifesting a "Failure to Launch".  If you or someone you know may have these issues, we can set up an initial diagnostic evaluation session to talk about what directions are available to address these kinds of problems.  The initial session is NOT a commitment to engage in therapy on either the part of the client or therapist: it is a time to gather information and for the therapist to make recommendations which may or may not be consistent with what the patient had in mind.  We can then decide together whether venturing into a trial of psychotherapy is the right plan for that person.