About Me:

My personal interests include a fascination with different cultures, photography, world music and literature, language study, outdoor activities, and adventure travel.  I relocated to Albuquerque in April 2012, so that I could spend more time involved in these activities.  Although I grew up in the Midwest (Chicago's North Shore), I have lived in the Southwest most of my adult life, and consider it to be my home.  In my work as a therapist, I employ a holistic approach and encourage my clients to develop their personal interests and to value self-care as a critical element of healthy psychological functioning.  I believe that one of the goals of good therapy is to help the individual create a balance in their life so that different needs (connection with others; feeling challenged at work; having time to play; creative expression) can be met.  Part of mental health is learning to choose the right "fit" in work, relationships, living situation, etc., and, thus, to minimize unnecessary stress and conflict.  In addition to in-office psychotherapy and assessment, I offer face-to-face internet therapy sessions for persons residing in other cities: Austin, Dallas, Santa Fe, and other parts of Texas and New Mexico.


If you are interested in seeing some of my travel photography, please visit my Google+ page.


Northwestern University - Ph.D. - Clinical Psychology - 1989

University of Texas - MSW - Social Work - 1980


Texas Board of Examiners of Psychologists - 1991 - TX-2-4275

New Mexico State Board of Psychologist Examiners - 2012- #1213


I believe that choosing a psychotherapist is a very important decision, and that it is essential for the client to find someone he or she feels has the best interpersonal style and training to work with them.  When possible, I encourage potential therapy clients to meet with, or at least interview by phone, several different therapists before choosing with whom they will work.   This is important because the quality of the therapist-client relationship is critical to the effectiveness of psychotherapy.  My style is active and engaged, employing interpretation (connecting feelings, thoughts, and behaviors to past and current events), confrontation (pointing out discrepancies between the client's goals and his/her actions), and education (recommending books, giving homework, or explaining relevant research findings).  I encourage the client to keep me informed about how  he or she is reacting to the therapy process so that we can work collaboratively to proceed in the desired direction.  At times, psychotherapy therapy can be difficult, even painful, work; thus, it is crucial that the client feel that there is an open relationship where concerns can be addressed.  Ultimately, the goal of all therapy is to improve the quality of interpersonal relationships, increase the capacity to be productive in daily life, enhance self-care, and heighten the ability  to make choices that lead to increased satisfaction in life.